Our Clients


Marius Filip – Senior Affiliate manager – Bonnier Gaming

At Bonnier Gaming we are dedicated to providing the finest overall affiliate experience, which is why we made our choice in favor of MyAffiliates, who were able to offer a complete set of tools and features crucial to us. Since launching the affiliate programme for our brands Redbet, Whitebet, HeyPoker, Vinnarum, Bertil, MamaMiaBingo, on the MyAffiliates platform, we’ve been highly impressed by the ease-of-use of the software and the transparency and range of its different reporting metrics. The MyAffiliates system has been instrumental in the recruitment of numerous high-value affiliates. All members of the MyAffiliates team are true professionals in their field and have been incredible throughout the integration, offering fast and efficient support, so I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all as it really is a pleasure to work with you. “

Cynthia Ulate – Senior Affiliate manager – Americas Card Room

“What I love about MyAffiliates is that allows very complex commission plans such as Revenue Share, Tiered Revenue Share, CPA, Qualified CPA and hybrid plans. Plans can be customized constructed around your needs. The affiliate interface is very user friendly and is designed to handle very high loads of media serving and click tracking. All components of the system can be easily scaled up as your program grows, or if you manage multiple skins under the same program. Daily statistics and reports are accurate and easy to understand for both Managers and affiliates. Customer Support is 24/7, the team really cares about your needs and always try to accomplish any task as soon as possible, I’ve been using the platform since 2010 and experienced how the company grows and has improvements every year, always trying to innovate and offer better functionality for the market needs.“

Jonathan Neil Gauci – Head of Marketing Technologies – Betsson Group

“MyAffiliates, has proven to be a very flexible and well-designed software to cater to the needs of a large organisation such as Betsson Group. Managing over thousands of active affiliates and millions of customer accounts and their activity, it has a big task to undertake, which it does diligently on a daily basis. The people surrounding the product and supporting our business teams are well educated on the subject of affiliation and iGaming and are always willing to help. The managing director in particular, Clemence, has always shown interest in optimizing our business and the relationship between the two corporations making it work like clockwork.”

Chris Shields – Partnerships Director – Bannerflow

“Working with my affiliates is seamless. To enable our customers to have a direct publishing ability from Bannerflow straight onto their platform takes minutes. Their team and support is fantastic both in terms of time and knowledge. They are client and solution driven and we are committed to our partnership for the long term.”

Fabrice Y. – Head of Acquisition – Star Partner

“Being an affiliate program with a long standing presence in the online gaming industry, Chosing MyAffiliates as our new affiliate management software is one of the best decisions we took this year.
This move proved to be extremely beneficial by not only solving many of the issues we had in the past but also enhancing our ability to provide affiliates with a comprehensive and powerful tool catering for their core needs
and offering them an amazing experience promoting us.”