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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Have a query about our platform? View our most frequently asked questions here.

      What is the cost of MyAffiliates?

      We cannot give the cost of the platform,  as the potential client would need to fill in a form located at for us to send the prices. However, in general, we charge a setup fee to cover the integration – it is 50% payable on contract signature and 50% on the ‘Go Live’ day. Additionally, a monthly fee applies. All support costs, training costs, and functionalities are included in the monthly fee.

      How long does it take to go live?

      This is a very subjective question, as it pretty much depends on how responsive the client’s tech team and marketing team are to provide us with what is required. Roughly, it would be between 4 to 6 weeks with a good responsive team. MyAffiliates does not hold a pipeline of integrations, and integration starts as soon as the contract has been signed.

      Why MyAffiliates and not any other affiliate tracking software?

      MyAffiliates is the most flexible and transparent Affiliate Marketing Software on the market. It has the best competitive prices, which, unlike our competitors, includes all the system features and are available all the time at no extra cost whilst 24-hour support and training are also provided. 

      Is it possible to have multiple brands across different providers?

      Absolutely, MyAffiliates supports multi-channel/ brands setup from a single provider or multiple providers.

      Is support available once we go live with MyAffiliates?

      Yes. Support is available through tickets and chats. In fact, our support team enjoys an outstanding reputation for its responsiveness and for getting out of their way to provide the best and friendliest service possible. 

      What are the main features of MyAffiliates?

      The list below showcases our main platform features: 

      • Custom-built Reward Plans
      • Rewards Scheduling
      • Player Segmentation
      • Dedicated Account Management
      • Bulk Media Upload
      • Banners in Various Formats
      • Personal, Shared and Dedicated Media and Landings
      • Newsletter promotion
      • Leave comments
      • Advanced Segmentation, Filtering, Data Grouping
      • Various Approaches to Negative Carryover
      • Custom Parameters
      • S2S Postback
      • Multiple Postback Events
      • Ease of Postbacks Creation from the Affiliate Interface
      • Send Custom Parameters within Postbacks
      • Postbacks Visibility Settings
      • Accept and Store Dynamic Tracking Parameters
      • Custom Affiliate Interface
      • Interface Branded with Logo
      • Role-based System Access
      • Multi-Language
      • Activity Dashboard
      • Event logging
      • Activity Tracking
      • Customisable Reports
      • Email Templates
      • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
      • Real Time Analytics
      • Real Time Data
      • Real Time Monitoring
      • Real Time Reporting
      • Third Party Integrations
      • 24/7 customer support
      • Custom-built Reward Plans
      • Invoicing
      • Fees
      • Quarantining
      • Split rewards
      • Parallel Tracking
      • Campaign Management
      • Multi-currency
      • Daily Currency Conversion
      • Two Factor Authentication
      • Conversion trackingCustomer Qualifications
      • Real time auditing
      • Click Reach Metrics
      • Geo CPA Rewards
      • Real time data import
      • Advanced APIs
      • AppsFlyer / Branch Compatible
      • Offline Codes
      • QR Code tracking URL
      • Support ticketing system
      • Invitations
      • Traffic Redirection
      • Reactivation reward