My Affiliates - The Most Flexible Platform In The Industry

MyAffiliates is a cutting edge affiliate tracking software platform providing online operators a flexible and complete solution to manage their affiliate program. The MyAffiliates platform is divided in three main parts: the Affiliate Interface, the Administrator Interface and the Sign Up form. Each of these is, in different ways, customizable and user friendly.

Technology that allows flexibility

MyAffiliates is a true blue-chip open affiliate tracking software that allows operators not only to push data in the system but also to extract data from it. The data that can be imported in the system is unlimited allowing affiliate managers to access detailed information about affiliates (also giving direct accessibility to the affiliate manager to the affiliate interface through a login functionality), customers (a customer remapping function is also available. It also allows the building of up commission plans with any criteria available. Additionally, when commission plans are created, affiliate managers can define which columns will be visible by the affiliates in a number of reports in the affiliate interface. MyAffiliates can serve any media type, and can also be used by affiliate programs using 3rd party media providers like Connextra or Bannerflow. Additionally, all marketing tools can be set to be available for all affiliates, some affiliates or one affiliate, permitting the affiliate managers to target marketing campaigns according to the profile of their affiliates without the need of showing those campaigns to others.

Strong reporting engine enhanced with XML API’s functionality

The reporting engine of MyAffiliates is one of the central functionality of the system. The system offers more than 20 default reports. Most of these reports have filtering functionalities that allows reports to be filtered by numerous criteria. The columns displayed in the reports can also be added / removed for the manager to decide what the columns he would like to include are. A system of XML API’s is also available to allow the affiliate program to import / export information from / to the system at their leisure. Custom made reports and XML API’s are available on request and delivered in a timely manner.

Fully customisable system accessibility

Accessibility restrictions of the system that can be applied to different managers according to the role they have in the company. A full audit system, and a notification system is also included to ensure that any changes made to affiliates’ accounts are recorded, and that any change that an affiliate applies to his own account is notified by the affiliate manager.

Hosting solutions that allows scalability

MyAffiliates can offer clients a variety of hosting packages utilising a scalable and robust infrastructure that has been built on top of Amazon’s cloud services. Amazons cloud offers many advantages over physically hosted servers, allowing the provision of new servers quickly, high levels of redundancy and the ability to scale resources up and down and required. In addition, Amazon’s “cloudfront” service has been employed to offer built in Content Distribution Network (CDN) capability for cached faster media serving using Amazon’s global pool of edge servers. MyAffiliates can also be self-hosted on clients servers should this be a more suitable solution.

Affiliate Interface reflecting your brand image

Unlike any other affiliate software providers, MyAffiliates allows operators to almost completely customise the affiliate interface, by not only giving the opportunity to skin and personalise it, but also to almost completely tailor-make it, according to the information, in the format, order and terminology they want to use for their affiliates. Affiliates have access to their own XML API’s in the report section, for them to be able to get the report(s) of their choice without the need of logging in the system.

New releases and functionalities available to all

My Affiliates release cycles is of approximately 6 weeks, and always includes new features for both the affiliate interface and the admin interface. Unlike other affiliate marketing software all the new functionalities developed by my affiliates are always immediately available to all clients and not as extra modules that need to be purchased to be able to enhance the system.

Round the Clock Support

MyAffiliates has a presence in Australia, Canada and Malta allowing all clients to have a dedicated technical account manager, and a direct line of contact with them, permitting them to discuss any issues immediately. A system of SLAs is in place to ensure that the most urgent issues are dealt with in a timely manner and an emergency contact number is available to all. A fully comprehensive support ticket is in place letting affiliate managers to follow up the progress of their queries.

Pricing transparency

MyAffiliates pricing structure is the most transparent on the market. A setup fee is applicable for integration and migration of existing affiliates if required. MyAffiliates will then charge a monthly fee that would have been agreed at the time of signing up the contract. MyAffiliates clients are not tied with support and technical support hours they can use and charged after those hours have been used, but have unlimited access to the technical support team on a 24h basis. The training on the system is also given free of charge with no limits on the number of hours or training sessions delivered.