Affiliate Management

MyAffiliates offers a wide range of functionality for the individual management of affiliates in the software.

Through an Individual dashboard and graphs for each affiliate MyAffiliates users can access granular information on affiliate performance, manage and assign multiple commission plans for tailor made deals at an affiliate level, enhancing the competitivity of the offers of the affiliate program.

Communication is also a very important part for all affiliate programs, therefore, the platform offers a wide range of fully customizable automatic emails, and the possibility of sending customized bulk emails to different pre-created emailing lists. An Individual ticketing system is also available to cater for one to one relationship with the affiliates.

Other functionalities such as, affiliate tags – that can be assigned manually or automatically according to the client requirements, automatic signup approval, manual signup approval and email verification are also available amongst a wide range of other features.

Customer Management

Customer management is an important part of the whole management of an affiliate program. In MyAffiliates each customer has an individual dashboard enhanced by graphs, giving granular information on customer performance. In case the customer would be on a CPA plan, the software also displays all details of the qualification.

Full details about the provenance of each customer is available giving the visibility of from which site he origins, from which landing page, media etc. – giving MyAffiliates user a deep understanding of the customer conversion channels. The system also offers the possibility of suspending customers, and remapping customers. Customer remapping can be done on different level, like remap a customer to a plan or to an affiliate. In the MyAffiliates system, one can also bulk manage customers.

Media Management

Media management is also a key part of the MyAffiliates affiliate software as the company understands that every affiliate program may have its own requirements.

MyAffiliates can host any media type, from .jpg banners, to HTML5 to adjust to new technologies, but any kind of media type can be created so to cater for any demand (this includes mini games, iframes, RSS feeds and more). MyAffiliates also support third party media integration, like Bannerflow and other providers.

Media can be uploaded manually through the admin interface, in bulk through the FTP or using a readily available XML feeds.

Enhancing all this, MyAffiliates software also allows media to be set for one affiliate, a group of affiliates or all affiliates, giving affiliate managers to have full control on the media campaign they run.


MyAffiliates affiliate software management understands that reporting is of major importance for any affiliate program.

All the reports available for back end users and front end users are available to export in different format – csv, exel and PDF.Additionally, affiliates can you XML feeds to download their report, allowing them to import their data in their own system.

MyAffiliates software offers a wide range of reports to cover the full cycle of the affiliate program:

– Affiliate Reports
– Customer Reports
– Marketing Reports
– Fraud related reports
– Payment Reports
– System reports
– Custom Reports

All reports in MyAffiliates are customizable and can display any data that is sent through the data transfer, allowing the MyAffiliate’s software back end user to understand all the traffic funnel and conversions for media, affiliates and customers. Additionally, for extended security, audit reports are available throughout the platform giving higher management that any actions taken in affiliate accounts are being audited at all times. Reporting can also be customized for the Affiliate front end, allowing affiliate managers to display different data in the affiliate reporting according to the commission plan they have been assigned to.

Commission Plans

MyAffiliates is the most competitive affiliate marketing software when it comes to commission plans offering.

Commission plan formula can be based on any of the data field the client sends allowing great flexibility in terms of deals affiliate managers can propose to their affiliates .

Whilst all traditional Revenue Share (flat, tiered, progressive), CPA (standard, tiered, progressive), CPA per Country of customer, QCPA, CPL, CPM, Hybrids, plans can be created, and any other plans can be requested to be custom built.

Sub-affiliates plans can also be created with no limit in the number of tiers that can be offered.